Steirerglück regional programme

Our contribution to the issue of sustainability and ecology.

Truly Styrian

Our true happiness and the crucial advantage of this programme is our location in the middle of southern Styria. The products come exclusively from Styrian animals. AMA-tested!

Our suppliers:
The Styrian farmers

No meat without work on the land – it’s that simple. This is why we offer our Steirerglück partners many benefits so that their work pays off. Werner is happy to explain the concept to you in detail!

What products are there?
Range for trade and gastronomy

Ever tried a Tomahawk from Steirerglück?

From this programme, we supply unusual cuts of meat for gastronomy and trade.

Give it to me!
Where can we buy all that?

Steirerglück products are not just available from us, but also from our partners – for example:

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